Gluing cheese: (metaphor) doing things which are ridiculous and/or seemingly impossible.







Let the sunshine in – a bit of a catch-up.

Hello there! It’s been a bit of a while hasn’t it. Like probably everyone else, I am in shock at how the Christmas decorations are soon to be in the shops – if they are not already! Another year has totally whizzed by. I admit it, I have been preoccupied lately so I...

Toxic Positivity – what happens when we’re coming out of the cage.

The end seems to be nigh. Boris Johnson and his gang have wielded the carrot of post-Covid freedom in front of our noses. June 21st is going to be a date in history for more than just the summer solstice from now on. It will – should - mark the beginning of our lives...

Homeschooling and hitting the pause button

It’s been a while. Months, actually, since I last put the mechanical version of pen to paper and write something to post here. It’s been both the most hectic of times and also the quietest of times thanks to the bloody pandemic. Also, I blame homeschooling. It feels...

We need to talk about Strictly.

Recently, TJ and I enjoyed a very relaxing weekend at home when we had nothing planned except time together. It was really nice. After a few hectic weeks, including starting school and many 5th birthday celebrations, we needed the down time. On Saturday evening, I let...

Self care and parenting – can it be done?

Finding time for yourself as a parent – single or otherwise – is bloody difficult. Self-care and parenting don’t easily fit together. So instead we all too often pour from an empty cup to keep life ticking over. Even on those days in co-parenting life, when the kid...

Starting school – the first few weeks.

TJ’s academic career is now well underway after starting school a few action packed weeks ago. It’s been quite the rollercoaster ride already. The busy mornings, the chat with fellow parents at the gate, the rushing back to the (home) office, the cramming as much into...

About Gluing Cheese.

The internet is full of those annoying parenting and relationship bloggers who claim to know everything about the stuff which modern life constantly throws at us.

You won’t find that here. 

I’m a 30-something single working mum and I will share my daily adventures to try and master the impossible to keep that all ticking over. You know, like gluing cheese when your kid’s Babybel breaks in two and they are tantruming over it. True story.

So, I will talk about relationships of every kind and share stories about raising my bloody brilliant little boy.

I hope you enjoy!

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