Hello there! It’s been a bit of a while hasn’t it. Like probably everyone else, I am in shock at how the Christmas decorations are soon to be in the shops – if they are not already! Another year has totally whizzed by. I admit it, I have been preoccupied lately so I have been naughtily neglecting this site. Please accept my apologies. Let’s get reacquainted right now with a bit of a catch-up.

Times have been changing.

They have been changing a lot. When I first started writing this blog back in 2018, I was a relatively new single mum to my two-year-old son. They were hectic times and, if I am honest, I was struggling to keep afloat. Yes, I bashed through too many Tinder dates, I struggled with the separation from my son which comes with co-parenting and I was adjusting to my new identity as a single person. This blog got me through some dark days. I always had somewhere to get out how I was feeling. It was ultimately very cathartic. I did also chat the ear off my family, friends and anyone else who would listen to me. But this is where it got real, deep and pretty emotional too. Thank you for always being there for me, it’s so appreciated.

Flash forward.

Now, a few years later, my son is knocking on the door of being six-years-old. We have a massive party planned for him this weekend. He’s in the stride of his second year at Infant School and he seems to be loving most, if not every, minute. My boy is funny, strong yet sensitive, chatty, affectionate and just as stubborn as I am. That makes me one very proud mama.

The dating apps got deleted almost exactly two years ago. I met a man who changed my life in every possible way. I fell in love – and I felt a lot of the emotions which come along with that for the very first time. Now, we’re about to move in together as we purchase a house – a home – for the three of us. A fresh start. I look forward to so much of what that will bring for him and I – not least of all no longer having to spend days apart from each other during the working weeks.

But I am also happy that we know the importance of our own space too. We know that living together doesn’t have to mean living out of each other’s pockets. We’ve both lived solo for a significant period of time now and neither of us want to give up the freedom to please ourselves which that brings. Stay tuned for more on this as we get the keys to that home together in (hopefully!) the near future.

The world has changed too.

There’s no denying that it’s been a tumultuous 18 months due to Covid. Nothing has been the same for any of us as we’ve all struggled with loss, change, uncertainty and sadness. Our lives were taken away from us in many ways. We’ve had to pick them up and start all over again with vaccinations coursing through our veins. Also, we’ve all adjusted to working from home, the weekly shop being the most definite venture into the outside world and seeing less of our loved ones. Social lives have been shelved and we’ve missed out on so much. Now, we all want to catch-up on all that has been missed since the pandemic broke out.

That’s why it’s been great to make the most of those opportunities to get back into the real world. So my partner, TJ and I jumped at the chance to go to a new festival near our homes, the Sunshine Family Festival*. The line-up of tribute acts including Dua Lipa, Little Mix and the Spice Girls. It all definitely spoke to me and my inner Girl Power vibes. We were fortunate that the festival lived up to its name and we basked in the last days of the warm weather for 2021. TJ ran around doing his best to get on all of the rides and inflatables which were included in the ticket price. He was mesmerised by the mermaid and fairies who blew huge bubbles for the children to chase and pop.

It was smiles all round … if we carefully skip over how TJ wasn’t aware that Geri had actually left the Spice Girls and the tribute act dropped that truth bomb before performing ‘Goodbye’. We saw a similar tribute act earlier in the year which had given TJ his taste for a zig-a-zig-ahh. These girls didn’t disappoint. Actually, all of the acts were of a really high standard. There were smiles all round.

It isn’t necessarily easy getting back to that new normal with masks and hand sanitisers stuffed in our back pockets. That’s not even acknowledging the social anxiety we’re probably all feeling too. Baby steps – no matter what road you’re walking. 

The future is bright.

That road to where we are today has also been a rocky one. I have loved being a single parent and the quality time TJ and I have – and will continue to have – together has been worth its weight in gold. Hand on my heart – I can say that I didn’t expect to love going it alone as much as I did. I was scared, nervous and sad when my marriage ended over four years ago. But, despite several literal and metaphorical ups and downs over the years, it’s been a blast. Every emotion has been felt by every one of us – and it’s been the making of my little family.

We have all come a long way. And there’s plenty more ahead.

I hope you will stick with me for this journey although things may look a little different now. But, different is good. We will never be the 2.4 children ‘typical’ family (whatever that is!) and that’s something which I am very grateful for. I still don’t really know what is out there for me – but I am excited to find out. So, I hope you are happy to keep having a little catch-up every once in a while too.

*Tickets were gifted with no obligation for promotion.