Finding time for yourself as a parent – single or otherwise – is bloody difficult. Self-care and parenting don’t easily fit together. So instead we all too often pour from an empty cup to keep life ticking over.

Even on those days in co-parenting life, when the kid may be with the other parent, life can be too hectic to really take a proper time out. But we need to. We all need to invest in some self-care if we are to function properly.

There’s lots of ways of bringing together self-care and parenting that do not involve a glass of wine or a long bubble bath. News to me.

Trying new things.

So, when the opportunity to try Reiki came up, I jumped at it. It’s all about ultimate relaxation and stress reduction, so I was sold immediately.

One of my best friends since the early 00’s, Hannah, has been upskilling to the max to launch her own business, Diosa Spirit. The range of experiences and treatments on offer aim to get back to the roots of ancient energy healing and spiritual practice. Aside from a few tipsy card readings, it wasn’t something which I knew about or had much experience with at all. But I was willing to learn.

I will admit, I don’t usually buy into spirituality. I think the concept is great and I love the comfort that it can and does bring to many. But I am not totally on board myself.

So, I went to one of Hannah’s wellness days (which happen regularly in Basingstoke and Farnham) with an open mind about what to expect.

To the beat.

Reiki drumming is one of Hannah’s specialisms. The theory is that the drum provides a type of sound bath which opens up our brains to more, to help us to focus, encourage wellbeing and support an emotional release.

That all sounds great – and desperately needed. Anyway, I was up for anything which involved lying down during the day. So, that’s what I did and I indulged in Hannah’s guided meditation which preceded the drumming session.

Well, I was blown away. The sound is much more evocative than I could have imagined. From tip to toe, my body was beautifully prickling with tingles throughout the entire time. It’s a difficult feeling to describe but it definitely hit that ultimate relaxation button. I listened intently to the sound and floated away with it all for a bit.

The experience was to also provide an opportunity to gain answers to any questions we may have about our lives at the moment or in the future and to receive some emotional healing. Everyone experiences this differently depending on how their own body and mind responds to what is happening. Personally,  I felt incredibly serene and chilled out afterwards – and that was the name of the game for me.

The cards have it.

We followed the Reiki session with a card reading. The oracle cards which Hannah uses bring messages and guidance from the angels. This is something which I was a little more familiar about having had an unforgettable reading a number of years ago with Hannah. That had provided an interesting insight into my relationships at the time. This occasion was no different as the cards demonstrated the main focuses in my life of children and relationships (accurate) and how I should accept help from others more often – something which I do find difficult even at the best of times.

I left Hannah’s treatment room feeling like I had transcended for the last hour or so. It’s amazing how much difference a little time out can really make. I only scratched the surface in what type of treatments and experiences are on offer with Hannah and many other practitioners throughout the country.

Reap the benefits.

The main life lesson is that, even when time is precious, self-care and parenting can and should go together. Even if setting aside an hour or two for a session is an impossible feat, many people like Hannah have adapted their offering for 2020 to offer online meditation and distance healing, so it can all be done from the comfort of your own home.

You don’t have to believe in the whole spirituality of the experience to benefit from it. Such treatments can just give you the skills to cope with daily life better, especially in the tricky times of 2020. As parents and non-parents, we’re run ragged. So, stop for a bit once in a while and it will all feel a little better. Failing that, have a glass of wine too – Hannah and I did afterwards!

To find out more or book your appointment, follow Hannah on Instagram @diosaspirit and like her Facebook page: Diosa Spirit – Healing and Meditation.