For Situation Separation, TJ’s dad and I agreed to do some coparenting. We decided to spend one weekend day a month as a three and to do something lovely with the time. In the run-up to Christmas, a trip to see Stick Man on stage was just the ticket. It’s currently playing at the Leicester Square Theatre so it was also a perfect opportunity to take TJ to see London dressed for the season. He just loves the ‘pretty lights’. 

Stick Man is a firm favourite with my two-year-old toddler. We have the book, the DVD and the soft toy. The latter of which came with us to see the show on a sunny but chilly November Sunday.

Setting the scene

The stage adaptation of Stick Man by Scamp Theatre does take on quite a different feel to the book and the animated version. But, that’s no bad thing as it’s largely upbeat with lots of songs, comedy and audience participation. The small cast of three play the various roles by expertly slipping from character to character to chart Stick Man’s journey back to the family tree. This had an audience of little people totally enthralled and giggling away – TJ included. I think lots of the parents enjoyed it too – myself included.

This was TJ’s third trip to the theatre having seen The Gruffalo and also a dinosaur show with his grandparents. Seeing his little face beaming up at Stick Man on the stage was truly a picture perfect moment. The memory of this will last a lifetime for his dad and I.

The family tree

Coparenting isn’t easy. We both step away from our newly single lives to temporarily regress to a former state. Sometimes, a bit of baggage comes with that. It’s frequently hard to keep it going. Often, it may not work at all. But, we will keep trying no matter what because I want TJ to see us as a family unit.

Amongst the singing and slapstick comedy in the theatre production, the sentiment of Stick Man shone through. I had to choke back the tears when the Stick Man Lady Love said it won’t feel like Christmas Day without the family together. TJ will be spending December 25 with his dad this year. So, that cut me like a very sharp knife.

But, the whole of December is full of the magic of Christmas. I am not letting one day on the calendar dictate when I can enjoy some festive fun with my little man. Despite a couple of tantrums and the lack of a nap on the way to the show, Stick Man was a fabulous way to enjoy some family fun. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

*Tickets to see Stick Man were gifted, however, all opinions are my own. If you are interested in promotional opportunities, please have a look here.