The Comedy Collective – celebrating funny parent tweets

Kids have a way with words don’t they. Those mini versions of ourselves come out with some hilarious lines without even knowing it. My son, TJ, regularly questions why I am cracking up laughing over one thing or another. I am fully aware I am not alone in this by not only swapping stories in real life but also how there’s a million funny parent tweets shared on any given day.

So, I think this is a reason to celebrate. That’s what The Comedy Collective is all about. A collection of the funny parent tweets which we all see for only half a second before they disappear in a scroll. Here, we can look back on them when we are having one of those days where we wonder why we procreated in the first place.

It could be about anything – something your kid may have said, something they did, something you have reacted to … basically, anything that’s fucking funny. Also, you don’t have to have tweeted it, just let me have it anyway – use the contact me form below if you like!

Here’s some of my favourite funny parent tweets …

@ScaryMommy: Remember when weekends meant getting drunk with friends and sleeping in? Now you drink alone and get excited when you can sleep later than 7 a.m.

@mummyblogger:Just washed a multivitamin down with a gin and tonic. I think this is what is known in the parenting trade as multitasking.

@threetimesdaddy: I don’t know why people have kids. It doesn’t seem very fun. – my daughter, 5 years old

Get involved with your funny parent tweets

I want to hear yours too! If you want your offspring’s winning one-liner to feature here, tweet me @GluingCheese and I will link you up on here. Young or old(er), get involved!

Oh, and this doesn’t have to be exclusively about parenting … if you find any comedy gold on dating, whizz that my way too!


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